The first time I heard Michael Bernard Fitzgerald (often called MBF)  was at Sing It Forward this January, a concert of local artists, he’s from Calgary but he fit right in.

I fell in love with the gentle beat in his songs and his voice most of all, and quickly purchased his first album Yes!

He just released his second full album I want to Make it With You today and I’ve been listening to it all morning while cleaning and getting ready, so I feel prepared to write a review of the album and songs.


My favourite songs so far are;

This isn’t it – my absolute favourite because of the message behind the song seems so very relatable but it is still a very danceable song. I can easily picture myself singing this song while driving down a highway in the summer.

Heartbeat of America

A to Z  – apparently this one was written on a dare, but its a cute little diddy that has a very home recorded small musician feel to it, which is part of the draw of listening to these local indie musicians.

I want to Make it With You – the headliner track and probably his biggest hit to date,  this song plays on the Peak quite a bit and I’ve grown to love it with its optimism and upbeat tempo.