I get to represent Venezuela in a Model U. N. simulation with my Government and Global Governance class this Saturday. Before delving into the research my understanding of the country was very limited, so I thought I would share some of the information I have learned about this South American country.


  1. It has the largest known oil reserves in the world, and oil accounts for 95% of the country’s export earnings.
  2. The country wrote and voted on its 5th constitution  in 1999, it is the world’s longest constitution.
  3. The country currently has the world’s highest inflation rating at 700% this year.
  4. The country is second only to Honduras in murders per capita.
  5. It’s abandoned financial building “Tower of David”became a squatters house and housed thousands people before they were relocated in 2015.
  6. President Nicolas Maduro claims that there has been at least 17 coup attempts to overthrow his government since 2013.  He believes most of these are backed by the American government.