1. Snowden was a contractor in Hawaii for NSA before he left, his own girlfriend didn’t know about his plan to leave.
  2. Snowden originally left to Hong Kong, though he now lives in Russia, has been granted temporary asylum for three years.
  3. He has been granted political asylum in other countries, but cannot get to them without flying over allied airspace, who would make him land.
  4. Said to be billions of documents that he stole, they are now in possession of journalists he handpicked.
  5. The documents he released show that NSA was listening to the personal cell phone of German chancellor Angela Merkel, and 34 other  world leaders.
  6. NSA is said to collect and store 200 million texts per day from around the globe. NSA can  extract location, contacts and financial information from these texts.
  7. USA says that this information caused billions in damage to American security structures.
  8. 45 jihadists plots have been stopped in the 10 years after 9/11 most using data collection as key components.
  9. Congress calls him a traitor, others call him a heroic defender of civil liberties.
  10. Snowden released the information simply so the public could decide for themselves if they believed the government had the right to see that information.