So I’ve been vegetarian for just under 200 days now, which isn’t really that long of time in the grand scheme of things but it’s enough time for me to think about this and have conversations about it with other people.

So I thought I would answer some questions that commonly come up in this area.


So first of all “Why are you vegetarian?”

I’ve had friends who didn’t eat meat during high school, and then during my month in Montreal I met more people, but I had never put any thought or considered doing it myself. Until I watched Cowspiricy, I actually hate putting such a bulk of my decision on a movie, especially when I understand  how biased and one sided this type of documentary inevitably is.  This movie placed a seed in my head though,  forced me to think about things that had never occurred to me before and do some research. The movie takes on an environmental view of meat eating, which is very different to the stance of humanism that most vegans and vegetarians normally take. Thinking about the drought in California and the dependance that the West has on daily meat, which is spreading to places like China and only forcing meat production to rise. I don’t think that eating animals is necessarily evil, but I do believe that;

1 There is no reason to eat the amount of meat that people eat in the West

2 Eating a meal without meat is better for the environment

3Animals need to be treated with some amount of dignity

I don’t eat meat because I don’t think that meat is necessary in a diet in the time and place I am currently in, I understand that in many cultures and places around the world at this time it is not reasonable to not eat meat,know that many vegans and vegetarians wold disagree with this mentality, because.

So in summary I choose to abstain  from meat due to the environmental implications instead of the moral implications.

How long are you going to stay Vegetarian?

At this moment I don’t see any reason to stop being vegetarian. I find myself looking at this from a very democratic way. There is no way to change the world except through small individual actions, no vote decides the election,  but a combination of each people voting who by themselves is useless, when they come together they decide who runs the country. In a similar fashion there is no way to change the industry of meat eating and environmental ruin without people taking individual action, these individual actions combined can end up having a global impact.

Am I going to go Vegan?

Honestly I want to, for the environmental reasons, ethical reasons as well as health reasons. I know I have a weak argument for the fact that I am currently not vegan, which boils down to convenience I don’t think I can be vegan in my current situation. I am living in dorms and eating vegan at a small school cafeteria would consist of vegetables and soy milk basically, which while ethical is not something I can do at this point for my own health.

As well I am planning on going to the Middle East in the fall semester and I cannot foresee a way to live a vegan life while in someone else’s home in a lifestyle not used to the western notion of veganism.

So while I am not vegan at this time I try to eat as little cow’s milk and eggs as possible to reduce my impact.

What do you eat?

Due to my environmental focus I try to keep the food that I eat in season and not synthetic vegetarian substitutes. As I’m living in a dorm and don’t get to make my own food at the moment this isn’t the easiest thing to do, it mainly consists of stir fry with tofu, Mexican food with beans and protein packed smoothies. The other food I eat whenever I can is hummus, honestly I think hummus is my favourite food and I go through multiple containers in a single week sometimes. I’ll link up my hummus recipe here shortly.

Not eating meat is not nearly as big of a deal as some people or media make it out to be, avoiding meat is a choice that impacts only myself and is not done to make other people feel guilty.

Any other questions you’d want to ask a vegetarian about their diet? Ask them below!