I spent my Easter weekend on Bowen Island and had a completely marvellous time exploring the island and relaxing.

Bowen is just a half hour ferry ride from Vancouver but it feels much farther away. The island has a population of only 3,000-ish people and the island is very much a community.

We spent the weekend going on hikes around the island, seeing views of Vancouver, lakes and waterfalls. As well, we explored the shops in the area, making sure to grab hot chocolate at Cocoa West and a pizza dinner at Tuscany Grill . Both were amazing and would highly recommend, as well as basically any stop on the island as everyone was continually friendly and hospitable to use.

We were able to go the entire long weekend without using our vehicle, being able to walk to the pier, to dinner, to the grocery store and to any hikes we wanted to go on was amazing and I wish I could continue like that once I reached home.

Unfortunately we only had time for two nights, and on Sunday we had to come back to reality, but it was a nice stressless weekend while it lasted.