Even though every week is immensely different at this point and it’s so hard to know what’s going to happen in a day it is still important to have your basics with you at all time. Here I break down my most frequently used items over the course of these Spring months.


This is the only MAC lipstick I own so far, and I spent a very long time finding a colour that I could wear often while also being adventurous enough to justify the money I was spending. This purple hit everything, I love the colour and it stays on forever, highly recommend!


This isn’t my exact planner but the  2017 version, which is a big pre mature if you ask me. I love this planner, its very well laid out with yearly, monthly and weekly pages with plenty of room to write, as well as a cute quote every week and pockets in the back to hold whatever my jeans can’t fit.


This is my absolute favourite item, probably the thing that I would grab if my house was on fire. I’m on my fourth year of writing in it daily and its really great to be able to see how you’ve changed as a person over the years, and how past decisions have led to the point you’re at right now. This is also my favourite thing to gift people, because I feel like everyone should have one.


My favourite sunglasses, i’m constantly misplacing or breaking my sunglasses so at this point I’d rather not invest in a really nice pair and just keep buying ALDO’s $8 sunglasses.


My favourite mascara at the moment, in the Spring and Summer I like to pretend that I can get away with wearing only mascara, I realize I can’t but sometimes I can’t be bothered to apply a whole face. I got this one for my birthday and really love the formula and applicator.


My face saviour, I’ve got awful acne and though I’m on medication for it right now there’s still a lot on the surface to deal with daily. This spray is great at dealing with redness or potential breakouts.


I basically wear a watch every single day, it bothers me when I can’t look at the time and I always feel rude taking my phone out. So i wear a watch, its come to the point where I feel a little naked without my watch on. This watch is one of my favourites because of how versatile it is, I’ve been wearing it with jeans but can also class it up with a dress and heels and it still fit right in.