In my experience, everyone asks  the same questions when learning that you attend University.  I thought I would clear the air incase anyone here was wondering the same thing.  *ahem*

What year are you in?

Finished my second and heading into my third.

What’s your major? 

I am a Political Science major with a possible Communications minor.

Why did you choose your major?

I don’t really have a clear answer for this, I went to the International Affairs week of Encounters ( which is an amazing program that I hope everyone can go on one day) and really enjoyed talking about the world and what people did for a jobs within that field. None of the schools I was looking at had international affairs as a degrees, and it seemed politics was a more broad version in that it could apply to all the same jobs plus more than an international relations major could.

I think I gravitated towards this field because I’ve always found the world amazing and vast and wanted to learn more about it, but doing so makes you realize how much awfulness is going on. At that point it isn’t enough to just study the world, I wanted to study how I can help make it better.

What do you want to do with that degree ?

So right now I have absolutely zero clue, I’ve floated the idea of law school, as I’m sure every Political Science student does at one point. I have a feeling that I will be exhausted with school after four years though and will probably want to work for a while, but law school will probably always be an option in my head.

Ideally I want to find a job where I can make a difference, because I do think that if I apply myself I can really make a difference through my career. I want to wake up and be proud of what I’m doing for a job , not proud of the money I’m earning or my own personal achievements.

Then, sometimes, one of two things will happen; 

Random anecdote about someone they know with the same degree orrrr they go off on how university degrees are basically useless these days. 

I love hearing about what other Politucal Science  majors are doing with their lives , so please tell me what your brother/cousin/nephew is doing with their degree. I’m always looking for new career ideas and avenues I could pursue!

But please don’t try to convince me that University is a waste of my time and energy.  I  enjoy learning and I personally believe that I would not be able to do what I want to do  in my future to do if I wasn’t going to University. It is fantastic  that you are satisfied working for your parents, working 24/7 with children, or starting your own fledging business,  but have bigger dreams for myself that I believe I need a University degree to fulfill.


Thanks for reading!

So let me know; how do you answer these questions, or others ones that you get asked on the daily?