It happens to even the best of us, you’ve made some not great choices earlier and now you’re stuck not sleeping in order to meet a deadline the next day. Despite the fact that we all know that all nighters and energy drinks are awful for us and should be avoided at all costs, sometimes it’s just inevitable. In order to make it as successful as it can be I’ve compiled a few handy tips.

  1. Prepare in advance
    1. It’s easier to pull an all nighter if you go through your whole day knowing that you won’t be sleeping, as you’ll take actions that will make the lack of sleep easier to go without.
  2. Eat healthy that day
    1. Fruit is your friend! Eating junk food and no sleeping is just a recipe for an upset stomach and a bad next day.
  3. Drink lots
    1. Connected to above, but drink lots of water as constant pee breaks will keep you awake. As well, if you need it, which you probably will, an energy drink is very useful on a restless night
  4. Find a good place to study
    1. This is key, if you’re studying in your bedroom you’ll probably be tempted to crawl in and give up on your work eventually. For me the best study places are places filled with people also studying, this creates an atmosphere that’ll let you get things done. Libraries, coffee shops or other areas on a University campus will work well for this.
  5. Take a walk
    1. If you feel your self dosing off get up and go for a walk outside real quick, the fresh air should wake your senses up a bit and it’ll clear your brain so you’ll be reinvigorated to keep working five minutes later.
  6. Enjoy the sun coming up 
    1. When the sun does come up take a second to acknowledge it, congratulate yourself on what you’ve accomplished and take note that it’s a new day.
  7. Get someone to look over what you’ve done
    1. If it’s possible get someone to examine your work real quick, because what makes sense to you at four am may not make sense to your teacher in the afternoon.
  8. Go to bed as soon as you can!
    1. In my experience the next day you won’t even feel tired, and you’ll be tempted to see how long you can go without sleeping, but this feeling is all adrenaline and cannot be trusted. Go to sleep and sleep for as long as you can.