So today I wrote my last final of this semester, and with that I finished my second year of university, so technically I am now halfway done!

So in honour of jubilation I wrote down 54 pieces of advice, corresponding to the 54 credits I’ve earned, that I’ve learned these past two years.

  1. Netflix is never the answer

  2. There’s a million things more important than finding a boy.

  3. Start papers early. It’ll always take longer than you think it will.

  4. Never feel you have to justify your past decisions to anyone.
  5. Bubble tea is the best study break

  6. Don’t be ashamed if you need to sleep until noon

  7. Drink lots of water

  8. Don’t let other people’s friendships define yours

  9. Coffeeshops are the best place to write papers

  10. ‘Dress slutty and get drunk’ is bad advice for your first time clubbing

  11.  Nothing wrong with a cry sometimes

  12. Don’t judge somebody on their past choices

  13. Don’t judge anybody ever.

  14. Never turn down a late night Tim’s run, things may happen.

  15. You will fail a test but you’ll learn from it

  16.  You get what you put in. This is true in friendships and class.

  17. Some times you’ll have to choose school work over friends

  18. If your friends can’t understand that’s on them not you

  19. It’s not that hard to work while in school full time, it might even help with the stress

  20. 8am are as bad as everyone says they are

  21.  Not having class on Friday is only good if you use that time

  22.  Fish and plants are hard to keep alive. Don’t get attached

  23. The quality of a late night drive is the dependant on the music, don’t let people down

  24.  3 hour classes on Monday are worse than you think

  25. Live your life for the memories not the Instagram pictures.

  26.  Never turn down a homemade dinner

  27. Sometimes the answer is a walk around the lake with a friend

  28.  Don’t forsake nutrition, it helps your brain

  29.  Pulling an all nighter is easier than you think it is.

  30. Photograph your friends

  31. Don’t worry about what other people are thinking about you, just be you.

  32.  Grades aren’t everything

  33.  But grades are very important

  34. Don’t to try to downplay other people’s stress

  35.  There’s nothing wrong with putting yourself first sometimes

  36. Scrunchies are your friend. Keeps your hair outta your face without damaging it.

  37.  Just cuz someone seems really nice doesn’t mean they won’t try to get in your pants

  38. Don’t feel obliged to let anyone in your pants

  39. Boys with girlfriends don’t make good friends

  40. No shame in giving up and starting over

  41.  Don’t be ashamed to go to bed at ten, honestly everyone else is jealous 

  42.  Don’t judge people who just want to marry and have kids, you do you and they’ll do them.

  43. Don’t roll your eyes when someone asks a classic question

  44. Don’t be ashamed to get a tutor. We can’t all be geniuses at everything.

  45.  A good sleep is better than an hour of Netflix

  46.  Be open and honest with everyone and you’ll be treated with the same

  47. Don’t be embarrassed of knowing pop culture facts

  48.  Appreciate when others have planned something

  49.  You can be someone’s friend and disagree with their choices

  50.  Pick the topic that interests you, not the one you think will get good grades

  51.  Always make an outline first

  52.  Talk in class

  53.  Appreciate your family

  54.  Prioritize listening over talking and you’ll learn learn; both about them and about life in general