Recently someone was asking me about my tattoo so I thought I would talk about it, the story of  getting it, why I got it and all of that jazz.


First some pictures of the masterpiece on my body, disclaimer I’m in love with it and I really don’t care to hear that it isn’t your style or that tattoos are stupid.

So I’ve wanted a tatoo for a very long time, I love them and their significance and ability to tell a story on somebody’s body about something they went through or a certain time in their life through a few strokes. I was never certain about what I wanted to get, because ,I think I falsely beleived that a tattoo , a first tattoo especially, has to be of amazing significance and have a huge long backstory in order to be appreciated, now I no longer beleive that’s true.

So instead of brainstorming myself I started collecting images from around the internet, mostly from instagram accounts, I still probobly have a folder of a few dozen images I’ve screenshotted from friend’s of friend’s instagram accounts.

Through this I began to understand what I liked, and I realized I like simplicty in colour and lines, and that all that tatoos that I gravitated towards were of nature, almost always featuring the ocean, trees or mountains.

So while I realized this, I was also exploring tattoo artists who were in my area, seeing their styles and which ones I loved. I ended up finding Jesse, and falling in love with his style. To my luck he frequently posted flash designs, where he draws them up himself and you email in saying which one you want and the first to email wins it. This was how i ended up gettting my tattoo, which I know can change people’s opinion of it, becasue I didn’t design it myself and each line isn’t personally significant. I’m okay with this though, because I kow myself and I know that I, a) have no artistic ability, and B) routinely doubt all decisions I make.

I’m in love with the design, and what it means to me, and I can love it more because I know that  real artist drew it up and every piece of it is there to bring it together in beauty, not because an inexperienced persion, i.e. me, begged for another element to be added.

To me the tattoo represents home, the trees and the mountains are why I love to live where I do, they are in my opinion what makes BC great. They remind me of where I’m from , which seems stupid right now because I live here still.
It’s more than that though, for me it is also a call to travel, and call to live somewhere that isn’t here, because no matter where I go I will always have the mountains with me and so I should go see other things.

At this point I’ve got no clue what the future holds, but I hope to live and work in other places, places foreign to me. If this happens I hope I can add more places to my body and make my body an ode to places I’ve lived, but more importantly  use it as a leaping pad.

Saying “here’s where I’ve been, but there’s still skin showing so I must still be going.”

The placement was chosen because I wanted the tattoo to be largely invisible, I was getting this tattoo for myself not so I could broadcast something loudly every time I got dressed.  I chose this side of the body simply because I’m left handed and so the right hand side just made more sunse. I dunno.

I love it though it peaks out  of bikini tops but other than that it is completely hidden unless I choose to wear a shirt where I can openly display my body art.