The more I go to shows the more I want o go to more shows, and I’m blessed with all the cool venues and artists who come to Vancouver.

Going to new venues is part of the fun, but even more fun is learning about a new band, aka the opener band.

I know some people don’t mind showing up halfway through the openers set, because they’re only paying to see the headliner, but not me. I know the headliner, I know the words to their songs and they know they’re big they know everyone came paying to see them.

The opener though, the opener I don’t know any songs of, the opener is playing to a crowd who is waiting for his set to finish to see the main act.

So he has to fight to get the crowd to enjoy his songs , and he knows that people likely won’t know the words but he’s got to make it a party anyways.

This is who I want to see.

They’re chosen by the band, sound similar to the band but in an undiscovered way And I totally dig it.

Bruno Mars concert I discovered Christina peri

Owl city concert I discovered Matt Kearney

Walk off the earth concert I discovered Scott Helman

Said the whale concert I discovered David Vertessi

Young empire concert I discovered Blajk