Spent the day in Vancouver with my sisters the other day walking around and showing them the city, it’s easy to forget sometimes living in Surrey how close the city really is and when you don’t have/ aren’t allowed to use transportation you can’t take advantage of the city’s proximity, so I thought I would get them better acquainted. The only plan for our evening was donuts at 49th parallel, so we went and dined on hugely decadent donuts and Instagram worthy lattes before deciding to wander further up and see the neighbourhood, which invited a long few hours of wandering streets, seeing public art admiring the houses in the neighbourhood and even moreso hanging out in the plentiful city parks which seemed to be everywhere, ones with public gardens, chess boards, neighbourhood libraries and plenty of people hanging out and playing games on the grass, eventually we made our way down to the olympic village near science world and followed shrieks to find a pair of beavers heading their way down the stream, which was all of our first glimpses of such an animal and made us feel justifiably Canadian.

We wandered around the beach part of false creek and then up on the nearby bridge where I was able to snap this stunning picture of the science world adorned skyline, we kept wandering until we got to China town and the catfe,  which was unfortunetly closed so we decided to then headback for the evening as we had walked far too many steps for a when 2/3 had worked that day and were expected to do so again the next day. Hasta Leugo Vancouver!

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A very fitting sign seen along Main street
Giant Straw public art makes for great posing places
A tiny neighbourhood park, equppec with a chess/checkers board, and a community library!
A beaver stoppted in Olympic village
Stopped in a parking lot to twirl, cuz why not
Sara hangning out in a thing at Science World’s park