img_1511Ever since I saw the initial funding video for Bestie, visible here  I really wanted to go down and check it out, it seemed like great food and beer at a great place, but in a fairly random neighbourhood. I just never wound up near it, and I’m not the type of the person to go out merely to get food, there’s gotta be some other draw too.

But then one night I had a concert at a club just up the street and it appeared  my opportunity had arrived, I was fairly stoked.

It’s a very very cute place, all white with stuff hanging on the walls and a seat yourself type of atmosphere.

We seated ourselves right by the window and looked examined the menu, which is simple and cheap, not many options but nothing that would break the banks, and I think us four broke college students eating their proved that correctly. We ended up orders a currywurst and a cheese fries to share, along with the biggest glass of beer each. The sausage and fries all came with an amazing curried ketchup which was amazing and really elevated the place, along with the fantastic beer.

We tried to get a picture taken outside to show what the place looked like inside, because it’s so colourful and cute, but there was a homeless man sleeping right under that window, which sorta demonstrates the neighbourhood it’s in.


All in all Bestie was a fantastic experience and I would definitely go there again for a delicious and cheap bite to eat with friends.