After a summer full of car mishaps, working 7 days almost every week, and the death of a loved one, a weekend away with my family was needed.

We got an Airbnb cabin in Robert’s Creek, fifteen minutes from both Sechelt and Gibsons.  It was a cute little cabin, with a claw foot tub, a big deck with a view of the ocean, and a set of bunk beds.

We spent Friday on the ferry getting to the island, finding the liquor store, grocery store and our place.

Saturday was breakfast on the deck, then heading to Sechelt for a farmers market, which then lead to a shoe store and some rock climbing on the beach.

We hit up a local cafe for some coffe and treats before heading back to our house. On the way to the house we stopped at yet another beach to watch some people jump off the dock.

At the cabin we laid in the sun, read some books, ate some fruit, and burnt spectacularly. Then we walked around “our” pebbly beach, eventually ending at the Robert’s Dayz festival end dance party, accompanied by unexpectedly topless money.

Dinner was had at a the Shaft kitchen, which had excellent Ceaser’s and fish tacos!

The evening was then spent playing Mexican train and drinking wine, which is basically what vacations is supposed to be about basically.

Sunday was sleeping in and packing up our cabin. We went shopping at the Sechelt Emproim. 

Kayaking was then done at the bay, my two sisters and my dad. It was going well, though gruelling work until the wind changed, it started raining and the waves began building up. All of a sudden it became he hardest thing in the word to get back to the dock in time.

We eventually make it back, soaked to the bone and shivering. After changing into some dry clothes we headed to the iconic Molly’s Reach  resturant for some hot chocolate and burgers.

Therefore we were all warm and dry for the ferry ride home.

The Sunshine Coast is a beautiful place and I highly recommend staying on any of the numerous beaches doting the area. Good food, great people and fun towns!