This year marks my third september of jumping into something completely new

So why do i hate stability and why do i subject myself to the unknown year after year?

There’s sometime so electrifying about jumping into brand new situations and being forced to start completely over.

I’ve had a hard time developing deep connections in my time since high school, but every time I start a new situation  my ability to met and connect with people is strengthened. This life skill can only be learned through practice, there’s no blanket Life Pro Trips to be applied because everybody and every relationship is come plenty unique.

Since graduating high school I’ve started over four time basically, gone into four different situations with no idea what I was getting myself into and I can say that almost all of those have been fantastic experiences.

I do it because I feel like sticking to one thing for too long is “settling”, which isn’t rational but is how I think sometimes.

I do it because there are so many people out there that I haven’t met and could connect completely with.

I do it because experiencing life and hearing stories of other people’s  lives  teaches so many lessons, especially about how the person you are is only an accumulation of the circumstances and people you’ve had

For the third September in a row I’m starting over, leaving my family behind and jumping into the unknown. And honestly I’m kinda stoked,
The first September I went to college, the second September I moved into dorms of a different college, last summer I moved to Montreal for 5 weeks,  and now I’m moving to Jordan.
So why on earth do I choose to put myself through the agony of introductions and akward ice breaker games time and time again?

There’s just something really cool about getting to know new people, and getting to know who you are in context of these people.

Going back to school with the same people has its merits, but there’s something seductive about having to start all over.