I have a problem with the word wunderlust, it may be because it is constantly being thrown around or it could be because it is considered to be a “white girl” notion that no one else would do.

Everyone, so some degree, would love to see new places.


But seeing going to a country to see its archeticture and beaches is far different than going to “see the people”, and to come home and post about how inspiring the people you met were is really stupid.

I’m not sure why I enjoy travelling, or why I love to think about travelling. Sometimes I worry that I only like travelling because of the Instagram posts I can post afterwards.

I read the article about how wanting to travel is stupid and part of my agreed and questioned my own intentions.

But j don’t know what I want, I have no desire to get married and have kids right now, I want to finish my degree but only so I can open a new chapter of my life. Not because I have any big grand goals for a career in mind. Maybe I want to travel be chase I enjoy the instability, because it feels like I’m accomplishing something ( even just meeting new people and cording places off of a list) in the midst of not doing anything.

I also think there is a hungrily beneficial part of travelling that can be opened up within yourself if you travel correctly. I’m not trying to say that you need to travel and volunteers. But that when someone travels they need to be open to seeing more than just the sights and to doing more than just generalizing the people of a country in to broad stereotypes. I see posts saying people in Cambodia on are all so nice or all the children in tow country taught me so much.  Using the people of that country for your own perceptions.

Travel for me need apt be about becoming part oft jay country and getting to know the locals a