Though I’ve got basically no pictures, my day(days??) of travelling wasn’t half bad.
Starting at 3AM in Vancouver on a flight to Calgary, which was quick and easy.

Then while waiting in the customs line up in Calgary I met a Venezuelan who’d been attending boarding school in Saskatchewan and was now going to join his brother at University in Texas.

My flight to JFK was as good as a flight can get, with my middle seat empty and free movies on my phone curtesy of West Jet.

JFK was a disaster, once I grabbed my bag I got pushed onto the SkyTrain in the wrong direction, going all the way down before realizing this. Once I found my Ukrainian Air flight desk I found out that the desk wouldn’t open till 8, as its only flight didn’t leave till midnight. Which meant I had three hours to kill outside of security, with all my luggage.

Eventually I made it through and to my gate where I made a guy named Craig, who was in the American army but was currently going to Russia to ride horses.

The 9.5 hour flight wasn’t awful, but the 30 minute turbulence made me want to jump out and never leave home again. The food wasn’t the worst and the free blanket was appreciated.

After several short sleeps I made it to Kyiv and finally made it to a bed. 

After a short day in Kiev I boarded one more flight to Amman. This was the smallest plane I’d been on so far, with two rows of two seats on the whole plane.

I sat next to an old Russian gentlemen who gave me orange candies, swapped food with me so I got double chicke and him double dessert, played me some Russian music from his phone, showed me pictures of his grandson, and discussed Canada and Putin. All with no mutual languages. 

Eventually the flight ended and we said goodbye, leaving me to simply go through customs, pick up my bag, and finally arrive in Amman after so many hours of travel!