Some days are indescribable, and some days even pictures can’t accurately capture. Leaving Amman at 6AM we spent the entire day hiking throughout the park. first the treasury then a meandering walk to the Monastery where I took a lunch break and walked up to the “best view in the world” for some photos and Bedouin tea. On our way to the place of High Sacrifice we got lost and ended up at a lion with some Bedouin friends who talked to us for an hour before taking us an alternate route above the amphitheatre on the way back to the Treasury. Impossible to describe or properly photograph Petra is an experience that everyone should try to see in their lifetime.

Hanging out at “the best view in the world”
one last water break before reaching the monastary
went off trail to find a medusa statue and some caves
the sheer number of unrememberable artifacts is incredible
one of the hundreds of camels, donkeys, and horses running around the park
a peak of the monestary peaking out of of the ravine
what used to be a river is now a stunning trek
Petra selfie
“the best coffee in the Middle East”
My hiking pals
On our way to the ‘Medusa statue’ that may not have existed
My lunch time views
Some friends hanging out with Jack Sparrow
Rock statues litter the area
getting lost but still going strong
One of the cooler rock statues
Top of the Roman Ampitheater, curtesy of the Bedouin friend

Lotsa walking and lotsa sand
shown a secret spot for great picture taking
the beauty of the monastary is intense
a photo op with our bedouin friends