1. The Arab spring began here as a fruit vendor set himself on fire
  2. Official language is Arabic, but most people will speak French as the country used to be a French protectorate.
  3. First country to hold democratic elections following the Arab Spring
  4. The Tunisian National Dialogue Quarter won the 2015 Nobel Peace Prize for its work in bringing a pluralistic democracy in Tunisia following the revolution.
  5. Revolution was fostered by Tunisian radio DJ’s playing “Talking ‘bout a revolution by Tracy Chapman
  6. The Northern most country in Africa
  7. The President fled to Saudi Arabia in 2011 and is still there
  8. Tunisia has sentenced him to 35 years imprisonment for crimes committed while in government, but Saudi Arabic won’t extradite him.
  9. First Islamic country to ban polygamy, grant women inheritance rights and rights of abortion.
  10. Has the highest literacy rate in the region.Tunisia Uprisingthere-goes-the-neighborhood-cartoon