Documentaries are a new way that I have found myself to be spending my time, as much as I love watching TV shows and YouTube videos I’ve begin to feel like watching them isn’t really a productive use of my time, which I weird because I am productive for basically my whole day minus the hour I take out to watch TV. That’s my own thing to figure out though, but I have steered my free time towards watching documentaries, because I enjoy the way they open your world to something that you may have never given a second thought before hand, every documentary i’ve seen has taught me so much about that particular subject and gotten me fired up in that area. The ones listed have stayed with me beyond that one week period of initial fire, they are ones that make me angry or sad to this day, sometimes years after watching them. I’ll try my best to include a way to watch the movies.

Because I am a girl

Dear Zachary



the Cove




Docs to watch

the invisible war

inside job

jesus camp

Bowling for columbine 

paradise lost